I Still Think About You.

I still think about you… and I don’t know why. Things didn’t end well and I hate that. Truth be told, I acted ridiculous and crazy. Why? Well, that’s simple: Because it was all so new to me. I have never really dated before and I have never had a crush like that. It was new to me… feeling like that. It was new to me to have someone say and do things like you did. It was new to me to experience the things I did. I was so caught up in the moment that I said things that probably made me seem crazy and I did things that definitely 100% made me seem crazy. I just keep thinking, what if I didn’t act like that? Would he still be around?

Or… was I just making it all out to be way more than it actually was? Was I just being naive? I don’t know. All I know is that I think about you. Not all the time… but sometimes. I talk to other guys, but you are in the back of mind for whatever reason.

I wish it would stop. Simply because I know he doesn’t think about me. With the way things ended, he probably thinks I’m legit crazy. Oh well. This is honestly so stupid. Why the hell do I keep thinking about him?


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